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  1. The Project partners with families in the selected rural mountain area.
  2. An active group within the project is engaged to begin the work of soil/water conservation and reforestation.
  3. Workers are divided into Groups of 6-12 members.
  4. Each Group in managed by a Group Leaders designated as "Animators".
  5. Animators are assisted by "chiefs" who keep the record the progress and keep the records. Animators also engage "inspectors" who perform the project audit function.
  6. Production planning, budgeting, reporting is started at the team level and flows upward from Members to Group Leaders & Animators to the Director.
  7. The Project's Haitian partners are trained, provided with supplies & equipment and paid to work the projects.
  8. The team members must typically volunteer for a day's work per week. They are then offered an additional 2-3 days of paid work after the volunteer day.
  9. In addition to pay the workers earn incentive credits. These credits accumulate based on days worked, forest & fruit tree plantings, gardens planted, performance, etc.
  10. Credits applied to awards such as scholarships for the children, tools and supplies, cisterns for clean water, tilapia ponds, and new hurricane proof homes.
  11. Detailed records are kept on expenditures, work statistics, production, incentive credits, and follow up checks are assure that the forest plantings are sustained.
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