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The Social Enterprise is a charitable mission driven group that engages in business processes for a social purpose. The Social Enterprise Fund, Inc. (SEF) is considered to be a "triple bottom line" organization as its performance targets are: 1) financial 2) social and 3) environmental. As opposed to Social Relief organizations, Social Enterprises are typically composed of Social Entrepreneurs who employ sound business principles to attack the core causes of poverty.

SEF's Founders connected from a common interest in finding permanent solutions in the global "war on poverty". The Founders firmly believe that free enterprise, business development and employment provide the key to the elimination of poverty. They agreed that social/economic/environmental program need a results orientation, business-like structured management, quantitative objectives, accountability, disciplined follow-up, incentive driven activities, and measurable rates of return. The Founders began by supporting CODEP, an emerging social enterprise success in Haiti. SEF intends to duplicate the CODEP business, social and economic models in all their projects.

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The Social Enterprise Fund, Inc. is a U. S. tax-exempt charitable organization operating under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Fund will support charitable development projects in Caribbean and Central American countries that provide economic stability, improved heath, and better educations to people living in Absolute Poverty.


Business-like operating principals, faith-based beliefs, results oriented, structured management, quantitative objectives, disciplined follow-up, accountability, incentive driven activities, measurable rate of social return for all projects. Solid community support, effective partnerships, mutual trust, education and training, shared leadership and US volunteer assistance. No overhead costs.

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